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 The Guestbook 
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The Guestbook
 www.mp3-fr.com  2005-08-31 21:37:51  
your tracks are greaaaaaaaaaaaat, especially the trancy remix of comic bakery ;)
 Floaf  2005-08-11 01:58:45  
Thanks! Well, theese things tend to happend when you have too much spare time :-)
 Trace  2005-08-11 01:51:06  
Great music and must say i love the layout/design and colors of the webpage :)
 Bryn  2005-08-09 20:42:59  
Hi guys! Love the music, found you on slay and I talk to Dimmignatt all the time on msn (thanks for all the music :P) Keep making great remixes and keep up the good work! Nice site also! Cya later! ~Bryn~
 GaMeBoX  2005-08-08 18:13:55  
cool site dudes....
 df  2005-07-06 00:14:10  
oo the newest song is awesome :)
 kayD  2005-07-04 00:45:18  
Found Giana Sisters on RKO and was "rerouted" here :-) Fine piece of art AND work! Going to enjoy your other tunes too, but don't want to spoil myself by hearing them all at once ;-)
 Kumina  2005-05-31 19:42:36  
Cool stuff! Keep it up! :D
 artotaku  2005-05-30 20:02:50  
Very good oldsk00l stuff for a chip tune lover like me. Hope to hear some more atari demo muzak covers versions from you!
 Chad  2005-05-16 01:03:11  
Hey, just having a quick listen, I really like your stuff ^_^
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