The Guestbook

The Guestbook


Well some recording has been done and what tunes we have worked on will remain a secret for the time being but i can asure you they will kick everyones ASS ;)


yeahyeahyeah :D:D:D:D:D:


Dear listeners!
Today we will begin some intensive recording and hopefully it will result in some new songs :)


make a bubble bobble remix :D


come on make more songs :D




you can count on that.. turrican II is very close to our hearts and we will certanily work on more tracks from that game :)


Brilliant music guys, well done. Any chance of doing some more Turrican II covers?


Fantastic music guys, some of the best I've ever heard... keep up the good work!


Beatifull music people!!! I love Megaman 3, Super Mario Land and the Trolls Remixes :) Great stuff! Please do some other great Nintendo console remixes :)

X-formZ - Deflektor
X-formZ - To be on top
X-formZ - Arctic Circles
X-formZ - Flip the flop
X-formZ - Consummation
X-formZ - Giana Sisters (FS I CB Mix)
X-formZ - Last Ninja Remix
X-formZ - Green Beret
X-formZ - Blood Valley (It's the Journey)
X-formZ - Lightforce V2
X-formZ - Ghost Battle
X-formZ - Great Giana Sisters
X-formZ - Comic Bakery (Trance Remix)
X-formZ - Desert Dream V2
X-formZ - Laid & Flushed V2
X-formZ - Trolls
X-formZ - The Great Bath
X-formZ - Super Mario Land
X-formZ - X-com V2
X-formZ - Lost Scrotum
X-formZ - RC Pro Am
X-formZ - Syntax Terror (Loader)
X-formZ - Super Cars 2 (Title)
X-formZ - Final Synth (Hula Remix)
X-formZ - Megaman 3 (Topman)
X-formZ - Final Fantasy (Chocobo)
X-formZ - There are many sheep in Mongolia
X-formZ - Superfrog (Iceworld)
X-formZ - Tornado (R-Mix)