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The Guestbook




Great great I heard it on slay radio so good. --From Colorado


The great bath, comic bakery : HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


really cool remixes!!! respect! blood valley rocks!!


Very very nice. I can listen for hours to the C64 sid "The Arctic Circle". Great!

Thx and keep it up.


Keep up the good work! Love your stuff.


you guys have done an awsomn job with all your music, keep up those remixes :] and keep them coming!!!!!!!!!


The stream music function work great! Lots of nice music in my office, but I can get use of more. Floaf and Dimmignatt, great work. Now you only have to get together and create some more of this awesome music!


Hello to all :) I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please


Hmm, it's a little bit short of time I think. But hey, you never know :-)

X-formZ - Deflektor
X-formZ - To be on top
X-formZ - Arctic Circles
X-formZ - Flip the flop
X-formZ - Consummation
X-formZ - Giana Sisters (FS I CB Mix)
X-formZ - Last Ninja Remix
X-formZ - Green Beret
X-formZ - Blood Valley (It's the Journey)
X-formZ - Lightforce V2
X-formZ - Ghost Battle
X-formZ - Great Giana Sisters
X-formZ - Comic Bakery (Trance Remix)
X-formZ - Desert Dream V2
X-formZ - Laid & Flushed V2
X-formZ - Trolls
X-formZ - The Great Bath
X-formZ - Super Mario Land
X-formZ - X-com V2
X-formZ - Lost Scrotum
X-formZ - RC Pro Am
X-formZ - Syntax Terror (Loader)
X-formZ - Super Cars 2 (Title)
X-formZ - Final Synth (Hula Remix)
X-formZ - Megaman 3 (Topman)
X-formZ - Final Fantasy (Chocobo)
X-formZ - There are many sheep in Mongolia
X-formZ - Superfrog (Iceworld)
X-formZ - Tornado (R-Mix)