The Guestbook

The Guestbook


Ni borde göra en metal-remix av Hanger från Doom. ^^


Älskar eran musik

Der braune Lurch

omg u guys rock
btw I'm from Germany also...


This music is absolutley awesome, the best tracks I ever heard in my live! Keep on the good work!

Greets from Germany


einfach nur NICE


Tja Ola!
Du/ni har lyckats bra med låtarna absolut!
Ska få alla i Dalarna att börja lyssna ASG !!

der flo

i just downloaded your lightforce remix. It is fantastic, i never ever heard such a good remix.
Thanks a lot.

Greetings from germany


Please make more Black Metal C64 remixes!!! Blood Valley is the best remix i ever heard.


First time i am here and the music are great. Are from sweden.


Thats totaly insane!! (I'm weak in writing English, I'm from germany ;-) Blood Valley (it's the journey) is a Masterpiece! I Love this totally awesome song! Thank you for this and thank you for inspiring me. Just want to send you love from Germany.
bye, Felix (

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