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2010-05-29 - Deflektor
Hello everybody!!!
We're back... This time we've covered the song Deflektor and this one has been worked on since 2003!! So if this ain't good then I'm stopping with this remixin ;) Nahh.. No way!

Finally we're done and satisfied with the result though it's completely different from what we first had in mind.
I hope you enjoy this one as much as we do.

Best Wishes Dimmignatt

Link: Download here
Link: Forum posts

2009-10-21 - To be on top
Hello folks!
Time for another release.
This has been in the loop from 2008 and now we feel that it's time to release it. It's our version of Chris Huelsbeck's To Be On Top.

Slightly heavier than the original and it's got the usual X-formZ sound to it. Quite mellow track with some heavy guitar riffs and I played around quite much with the drums on this one, didn't go all out berserk this time though ;)
Floaf did some amazing stuff with the synths on this one and of course we've blended in some SID'ish sounds into this one as well.

Enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed working on it :)

Best Wishes Dimmi (Guitars and drums).

Link: Download here
Link: Forum posts

2009-04-19 - Arctic Circles
Hello again folks!

I've been working my ass off as usual.
We made this as a contribution to Scenesat's official releaseparty
and it also made the album (Sound of Scenesat volume 1) as well.
It's an remix of Arctic Circles originally made by Stellan 'Dane' Andersson.

We made this one in a bit rougher style than we usually do together.
Some say it sounds like Dream Theater with a twist of In Flames.
Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't, it's for you the listener to decide.

I hope you'll enjoy this track as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Best Wishes
Dimmignatt of X-formZ

Link: Download here
Link: Forum posts
Link: Sound of Scenesat vol. 1

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