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 The Guestbook 
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The Guestbook
 Illuminatus42  2006-06-09 16:47:25  
Ni borde gra en metal-remix av Hanger frn Doom. ^^
 Duero  2006-05-07 19:55:52  
lskar eran musik
 Der braune Lurch  2006-05-05 10:33:29  
omg u guys rock btw I'm from Germany also...
 LordChaos  2006-04-28 20:25:48  
This music is absolutley awesome, the best tracks I ever heard in my live! Keep on the good work! Greets from Germany
 amasell  2006-04-11 08:40:01  
einfach nur NICE
 BROW  2006-03-15 13:31:15  
Tja Ola! Du/ni har lyckats bra med ltarna absolut! Ska f alla i Dalarna att brja lyssna ASG !!
 der flo  2006-03-15 08:42:20  
Hello, i just downloaded your lightforce remix. It is fantastic, i never ever heard such a good remix. Thanks a lot. Greetings from germany
 noquarter  2006-01-26 15:14:33  
Please make more Black Metal C64 remixes!!! Blood Valley is the best remix i ever heard.
 Therradon  2006-01-04 01:07:21  
First time i am here and the music are great. Are from sweden.
 Felix  2005-12-18 21:15:20  
Thats totaly insane!! (I'm weak in writing English, I'm from germany ;-) Blood Valley (it's the journey) is a Masterpiece! I Love this totally awesome song! Thank you for this and thank you for inspiring me. Just want to send you love from Germany. bye, Felix (blackmirror7@gmx.de)
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