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 The Guestbook 
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The Guestbook
 pSycho-Y2K  2005-01-08 22:20:16  
Beatifull music people!!! I love Megaman 3, Super Mario Land and the Trolls Remixes :) Great stuff! Please do some other great Nintendo console remixes :)
 Dimmignatt  2004-12-09 17:37:58  
R.I.P Darryl "Dimebag" Abbot... A big loss for mankind..
 grg  2004-11-18 02:14:39  
nice nice nice :). play more music from demos :)
 Peter  2004-11-16 18:38:52  
Fyfan vad ni r bra grabbar! Nr ni nd hller p med Jochen Hippel....kan ni inte lgga in en fet remix av ArpyRemix. Kepp on rockin'!!!
 Dimmignatt  2004-09-23 17:35:55  
Okay i get the picture.. I will buy those strings when i get my "social"subsidy... So yes i will work alot on the music then. :)
 Floaf  2004-09-22 23:29:58  
Yes, as soon as Dimmignatt buys new guitar strings, (I asume) he will be recording the guitarsolo in the end of the song. It wouldn't sound right without a guitar solo :-)
 Gerry  2004-09-22 16:49:27  

your tunes are really great. I hope to hear some more Hippel tracks in the near future. BTW, is Ghost Battle still WIP (found it on vgmix.com) ?
 Dimmignatt  2004-09-19 19:44:56  
Hello all listeners.. well now we have an guestbook.. Have fun.. C ya ..// Dimmignatt
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