Blood Valley (It's the Journey)

Songname: Blood Valley (It's the Journey)

Original composer: Ben Daglish

Released: 2005-10-13

Credits: Dimmignatt

Song length: 5,38 min

Quality: 192 Kbps

Filesize: 7946 kB

Well It's time for another release!
This time it's a remix of Ben Daglish Blood Valley in a melodic blackmetal remix.
Mainly done by Dimmignatt but with some help from Floaf with Mastering and padding/strings.

Through the ancient forests I have walked
In many battle I have fought
I've been crawling in the caverns of the undead
What fools, did they think I'd come unprepared.

All my life I've been searching for the valley of blood
I consider myself an almighty god
Many creatures I have slained
Everyone slaughtered so my goal can be gained.

Through the forests I have walked
In the caverns I have fought
Through the forests I have walked
In the caverns I have lost

So much blood on my hands
Everything leads me towards my very end
I bring damnation and death is behind me
History will repeat itself but I will be free.

Now my life is lost, all the power I've got
But to what cost.

Does it really matters what it's called
It's the journey there that caused
Does it really matters what it's called
It's the journey there that caused all the blood.

Best wishes
Ola Brandt aka Dimmignatt

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In awe of that answer! Rellay cool!


I will never get enough of this song. Wonderful singing.

Jacob Nil

This is the most kickass song I have ever heard! I heard it on Slay radio, and I immediately had to find it! I can't believe it's free on your site! It should be in iTunes music store!


Yeah, I still play it out loud quite often :P


This is just friggin' awesome!


Great song, I really enjoyed the hearing a C64 & BM remix, two of the best genre's in my opinion.


Werdna: I hope I'll get some time to put together my material sometime in the future so I can do a cd out of it.. But I don't know when that will be.


This shit is great.
Why don't you just release a CD with songs like this.


RanC: I will make some more of this kind of remixing soonish =) So just sit tight and await some more hell


Awesome! More stuff like this please.


I als have to say thanks. I've been vibing off of this thing for weeks now. Absolutely stellar work guys.


eigentlich nicht meine musikrichtung, trotzdem sehr sehr sehr sehr geil :)


Love this one!


its fucking goooooooood!!!!!!! NEEEED MORE!


rly, rly good!


This is a Masterpiece! I Love this totally awesome song! Thank you for this and thank you for inspiring me.
bye, Felix


This song rocks!!!
Great Site!!


Wooow!!! I never thought I'd live to hear a BM remix of a C64 tune.

Guys, I just have to say that I'm thoroughly impressed by this song!!

Marble Arch

*massages ears and neck after listening to this*
YES! YES! And YES! again :D

Long live the metal!


thx for info. this was the first mp3 from your great collection i have downloaded and i have it found on RKO. so i haven't noticed the lyrics on your download section ;)

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