Blood Valley (It's the Journey)

Blood Valley (It's the Journey)



*Plays air guitar*
*bangs head*
*srolls on the floor*
*gets drunk*

That is probably better than Machinae's giana sisters!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Manlilest track of all C64 remixes yet!!!!

Full throttle!!!!

Thanks Guys!!!!


This track rocks hard !!


I must accept it. This song sounds better and better for each time i listen to it!


extremly perfect. but, please, need a songtext ;)


You can find the lyrics in the song info. Just click at Music and then Blood Valley.


thx for info. this was the first mp3 from your great collection i have downloaded and i have it found on RKO. so i haven't noticed the lyrics on your download section ;)

Marble Arch

*massages ears and neck after listening to this*
YES! YES! And YES! again :D

Long live the metal!


Wooow!!! I never thought I'd live to hear a BM remix of a C64 tune.

Guys, I just have to say that I'm thoroughly impressed by this song!!


This song rocks!!!
Great Site!!


This is a Masterpiece! I Love this totally awesome song! Thank you for this and thank you for inspiring me.
bye, Felix

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