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 Blood Valley (It's the Journey) 
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Blood Valley (It's the Journey)
 tehDude  2009-01-24 21:25:50  
This is just friggin' awesome!
 Ation  2009-02-11 07:03:21  
Yeah, I still play it out loud quite often :P
 Jacob Nil  2009-02-20 01:34:18  
This is the most kickass song I have ever heard! I heard it on Slay radio, and I immediately had to find it! I can't believe it's free on your site! It should be in iTunes music store!
 Roar  2010-04-28 10:19:33  
I will never get enough of this song. Wonderful singing.
 Lotta  2011-05-10 16:38:35  
In awe of that answer! Rellay cool!
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