Blood Valley (It's the Journey)

Blood Valley (It's the Journey)


rly, rly good!


its fucking goooooooood!!!!!!! NEEEED MORE!


Love this one!


eigentlich nicht meine musikrichtung, trotzdem sehr sehr sehr sehr geil :)


I als have to say thanks. I've been vibing off of this thing for weeks now. Absolutely stellar work guys.


Awesome! More stuff like this please.


RanC: I will make some more of this kind of remixing soonish =) So just sit tight and await some more hell


This shit is great.
Why don't you just release a CD with songs like this.


Werdna: I hope I'll get some time to put together my material sometime in the future so I can do a cd out of it.. But I don't know when that will be.


Great song, I really enjoyed the hearing a C64 & BM remix, two of the best genre's in my opinion.

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