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 Blood Valley (It's the Journey) 
Forums -> Releases
Blood Valley (It's the Journey)
 Carl  2006-01-20 08:03:44  
rly, rly good!
 noquarter  2006-01-26 15:10:23  
its fucking goooooooood!!!!!!! NEEEED MORE!
 Ludzio  2006-02-13 03:30:25  
Love this one!
 amasell  2006-04-11 08:44:35  
eigentlich nicht meine musikrichtung, trotzdem sehr sehr sehr sehr geil :)
 Camineet  2006-09-19 07:18:25  
I als have to say thanks. I've been vibing off of this thing for weeks now. Absolutely stellar work guys.
 RanC  2006-10-22 12:21:14  
Awesome! More stuff like this please.
 Dimmignatt  2006-10-22 13:07:24  
RanC: I will make some more of this kind of remixing soonish =) So just sit tight and await some more hell
 Werdna  2006-10-30 18:47:26  
This shit is great.
Why don't you just release a CD with songs like this.
 Dimmignatt  2006-11-05 20:58:46  
Werdna: I hope I'll get some time to put together my material sometime in the future so I can do a cd out of it.. But I don't know when that will be.
 pp  2006-11-20 16:49:35  
Great song, I really enjoyed the hearing a C64 & BM remix, two of the best genre's in my opinion.
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