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 Last Ninja Remix 
 Songname: Last Ninja Remix 
 Original composer: Reyn Ouwehand
 Released: 2006-02-25
 Credits: Floaf
 Song length: 4,16 min
 Quality: 192 Kbps
 Filesize: 6152192 Kb

Here is a remix-remix :-) I got some help from our friend Patrik (http://www.patriccold.com) with the drum-part so he deserves some credits for this remix too. Well, enjoy :-)

 Forum posts 
Pudpuhduk  2007-09-21 18:43:38 
If the other remixes are anything like this one, you might have a stalker. This is really amazing. I have a collection of 27 other remixes from this game. This is one of my favorites. Great work & amazing talent.
Andy  2007-05-13 23:40:35 
Seriously, you do really great remixes.
Madman  2006-04-07 22:21:47 
A really great interpretation of the LN theme. Its different from the average LN remix. I like it a lot, but the melody somewhat drowns.
Prophet  2006-02-27 20:47:07 
Simply amazing! Keep up the great work! Love to listen to these remixes at work.
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