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 Green Beret 
 Songname: Green Beret 
 Original composer: Martin Galway
 Released: 2006-01-07
 Credits: Floaf
 Song length: 5,29 min
 Quality: 192 Kbps
 Filesize: 7903232 Kb

Here is my attempt to do something trancy (again :-). Hope you like it.
I know, it has a long build-up and wind-down, but I like these kind of things :-) I really wanted to fit the ending of the original in here, but it just sounded too strange.

I must say THANKS to DJ Skitz for playing it on SLAY Radio too :-)

// Floaf

 Forum posts 
mAZE / Moods Plateau  2006-12-16 19:20:07 
This is my alltime favorite from you guys.. :D Great tune....
Walter  2006-01-22 06:39:50 
Excellent, wonderfull work. Listening in form Antwerp, Belgium!
Floaf  2006-01-07 16:01:18 
Thanks again :-)
Dimmignatt  2006-01-07 16:00:21 
You have done it again =)
Nice work ..
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