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 Songname: Trolls 
 Original composer: Adam Gilmore
 Released: 2004-05-22
 Credits: Floaf, Dimmignatt
 Song length: 3,09 min
 Quality: 192 Kbps
 Filesize: 4569088 Kb

Well, it's Trolls.
As usual much heavier than first planned :-)
It all begun august 21:st last year. Then the song has grown into this and we feel that it's ready for release (or like we in X-formZ say: It fulfills ISO-X :-).
We hope you enjoy it.

After some requests, we are releasing the tabs for this song here
(enjoy * 2 :-)

 Forum posts 
newt  2006-08-20 17:32:47 
ok thnks continue making good music (and maybe enter DoD (: )
Dimmignatt  2006-08-19 10:14:48 
Newt: You can find the original at the website www.hvsc.c64.org (the high voltage sid collection)
I advice you to download the complete hvsc file since it only takes 45 - 50 mb.
and contains LOADS of sids !. Glad you liked our remix !
newt  2006-08-18 23:32:45 
I love this song, and I would apreciate if you could upload the original song (yousendit, etc) please
Zero Angel  2004-07-14 00:02:54 
Hey, can you please please put up the tabs to this song? I wanna play it :)
Kie  2004-06-17 09:36:36 
Yeah, kick-ass remix guys. Keep the work like this ya?
Zero Angel  2004-06-15 23:11:48 
This is one of my all time favorite VG Mixes, even though i've never played Trolls. The guitar work, how the guitars come together, heavy metal thrashing, its amazing. Keep up the good work! I hope to hear other mixes with such quality from you guys!
Astaroth  2004-05-27 14:14:30 
den r ju fet ju!
Anti.Z  2004-05-26 18:06:03 
Tja! Ganska trkig!
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