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 Super Mario Land 
 Songname: Super Mario Land 
 Original composer: Hirokazu Tanaka
 Released: 2004-04-08
 Credits: Floaf, Dimmignatt
 Song length: 1,24 min
 Quality: 192 Kbps
 Filesize: 2029568 Kb

 Forum posts 
Floaf  2006-10-02 20:41:49 
We only have the tabs for Trolls for now. It's dimmignatt's department but he is really busy for the moment :-/
Adam  2006-10-02 19:53:00 
It could be real fun if you put up guitar tabs somwehre on the site! I really wanna play this on my guitar :P
z3ntn3l  2006-09-12 20:36:13 
Hey, nice Remix! I think this is how the Super Mario Land Theme could be in a Sonic Game ;-)
Ludzio  2006-02-13 03:31:34 
Agree ^_^b.
Astaroth  2004-04-14 14:42:26 
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