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 X com V2 
 Songname: X com V2 
 Original composer: John Broomhall
 Released: 2004-02-29
 Credits: Dimmignatt, Floaf
 Song length: 1,12 min
 Quality: 192 Kbps
 Filesize: 1730560 Kb

This is a re-record of the cover of the intro for X-com (UFO - enemy unknown).

 Forum posts 
cur  2006-10-16 01:30:37 
Great song. You should make a remix of the interceptor song too. It has a genious sound.
Jim  2006-08-20 23:59:31 
Holy hell, this is really really good! It captures all the elements of the original and makes it better. You guys are damn talented. This is definitely going in my main playlist.
axe  2005-12-04 11:07:46 
Great! We are preparing a free movie about UFO and this song is excellent for promotion! If you want to cooperate with us, write me on: kamil@axe-design.cz.

Excellent remix.
iNcogniTo  2004-10-07 07:07:50 
Hey, this remix shoulda been longer! great stuff, hope to see more in the future...
Anti.Z  2004-05-26 18:10:34 
Nice work my great rocking amigas!
MetalMonkey  2004-05-16 04:23:19 
OMFG! Do more X-Com! this is great.
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