The Great Bath

Songname: The Great Bath

Original composer: Chris Hülsbeck

Released: 2004-04-08

Credits: Floaf, Dimmignatt

Song length: 3,1 min

Quality: 192 Kbps

Filesize: 4260 kB

This is a cover of a track from the game Turrican 2.

Forum posts


hehe :)

Ive almost worked all of it out on guitar :) (the original that is) ... I might write it up, might not- give me a pm on and I'll get something done for you :)

-same nickname btw


Astonishing good: this remixes and others give a new life to those still excellent tunes.

Thank you very much for such good job.


beautiful melody! a masterpiece


I love's so beautiful..


I like this song very much. ;-)

Is it possible to look the guitar tab ? Or something to let us playing it ?

Thanks !


simply Awesome, well done guys


Great stuff!


Very nice, albeit perhaps somewhat too high tempo.


This is great! Well done! Cozy and calm. The guitarr-solo is lovely!

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