Super Mario Land

Songname: Super Mario Land

Original composer: Hirokazu Tanaka

Released: 2004-04-08

Credits: Floaf, Dimmignatt

Song length: 1,24 min

Quality: 192 Kbps

Filesize: 1982 kB

Forum posts


Yes I am.. Sorry to say =( I have my job and when I get home I have a little puppy to take care of and in the middle of that I try to get some time over to work on my music.. a Maximum of 5 hours/week which is WAY to little.. But I'll try to get some tabs done.. Don't expect them too soon though !!!


We only have the tabs for Trolls for now. It's dimmignatt's department but he is really busy for the moment :-/


It could be real fun if you put up guitar tabs somwehre on the site! I really wanna play this on my guitar :P


Hey, nice Remix! I think this is how the Super Mario Land Theme could be in a Sonic Game ;-)


Agree ^_^b.


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