Desert Dream V2

Songname: Desert Dream V2

Original composer: LAXITY (Anders E. Hansen)

Released: 2004-06-21

Credits: Floaf

Song length: 5,13 min

Quality: 192 Kbps

Filesize: 7356 kB

This is a new version of the theme from the Amiga demo Desert Dream. It is a pure trance track this time. We hope yoy will enjoy it as much as we do :-)

Forum posts


mach mal mehr musik ist echt gut :)


BEST X-formZ Songs hands down.


It's your best tune !

more and more tune in this style please !


Great Great remix

Please remix also Part 2 and 3

I am waiting :)


Yes, I waiting for the remix of the second part and the end part !!!


yeah! nice!

Ray Norrish

Fantastic remix.. I would really like to hear the remix of the second part!!!


Incredible...i was 12 years old when i saw and heared the demo on AMIGA...what a fucking great remix...old school...great...its a fable...WOW...I AM 12 AGAIN !!! And some more (by the way): I composed TURRICAN Medley with Chris Hülsbeck in cooperation...but this tune tops everything !!!

DJ Ashtro

I Make trance music myself using fruity loops 4.5 not bad at all good use of the piano at the start kinda works up got ne tips or want ne help lets us know!


Very good tune !
Perfect Remix !

So, in result a terrible nice hit !

RIchard Evans

Very Good, any chance of remixing the rest of the desert drean tunes


Yes. I like it! Very great!!


Excellent remix of very good tune! I look forward to hearing more of your remixes.

Simon night

nice to hear old classics brushed up with more tracks and superior samples... more musicians should release their song files scores though to help new ppl learn. Try finding orginal fruity loop files rather than the rendered mp3 :(...


I like this tune also very much! Very trancy! One of the best remakes I've ever heard!

Laxity of Kefrens

This is good... I like what you did with the song. You made a nice groovy dance tune out of the original. I especially like the chord synth arrangement. It's a very good improvisation on the theme. The end two-voice bit is perhaps a bit too chinatown... but still very interesting. Also a nice medley with the end theme. Keep up the good work guys. :-)


Very nice remix!
Thanks guys for support and i will wait for the quitar version :)
Peter Athens
Irc master

Mats Antonsson

Awesome remix imho!!!! great work guys!!

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