Songname: Consummation

Original composer: Thomas Danko

Released: 2007-01-22

Credits: Floaf

Song length: 4,2 min

Quality: 192 Kbps

Filesize: 5692 kB

This is a remix of an old Danko mod i have had for ages... I remembered listening to it on my amiga. I don't really know why I did remix this tune as I was planning to do a soft remix, and the original mod is not that soft :-P. But probably I just was playing around with some sound and tried it on this mod and played some more... After that it's a waste not to finish the track :-)
Hope you like it!

// Floaf

Forum posts


Fabulous !


I absolutly love this version and for me this is nicer than Dankos original.


I liked this song before I heard the original. But now, after I heard the original, I know it and it sounds better than before :D
Really cool remix.

Mr. Arcade

Great piece of art. I use it when my Arcadecabinet fires up........

Crazy Dutch

Great as usual =D


i just LOVE it!!!




Smooooootttthhhhhh ... =)


Yeah! Moar! :)


Yes, this is a remix of an old Danko module :-)

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