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 Giana Sisters (FS I CB Mix) 
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Giana Sisters (FS I CB Mix)
 Dimmignatt  2006-05-29 21:44:30  
Hello folks... Another remix from me..
This time it's a TRANCE remix, my first one ever to.
Yes it's Giana Sisters again. I don't care.. I love this track
so I did it when I tried some VSTs in CuBase...

Take care !!
Best Wishes Dimmignatt
 Zero Angel  2007-05-23 14:39:28  
I came to like this theme after hearing the Machinae Supremacy remix of it which completely blew me away never having played Giana Sisters. This is a great trance mix and does the theme justice.
 christi  2007-11-26 21:00:48  
 Splash  2008-04-04 20:26:34  
Hey How About an extended Version?
 K-Pone  2008-07-16 21:57:34  
This Soundtrack sounds much better than the word fantastic stands for. Which VSTs did you use? I'm using Cubase VST too. btw this Soundtrack is absolutely perfect as a background music for the game Clonk with the Hazard Addon. Greetz from Deutschland (Germany)
 ManfromStars  2008-11-19 20:01:38  
Nice is after begining pasage i like it but after is something that disharming me in listening and i feel so something missing here. But track is very nice.
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