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 Flip the flop 
Forums -> Releases
Flip the flop
 Floaf  2007-11-21 00:29:37  
Another trance remix. I don't remember how it all began but it ended like this anyway :-) The lead melody is actually the original melody from the SID slightly modified. The whole remix is heavy influenced by Arksun.
 Dimmignatt  2007-11-24 06:09:18  
As mellow as usual m8.. Good work.
 Floaf  2007-11-24 11:10:20  
Thanks :-)
 Senth  2007-11-28 02:30:41  
Have eagerly waited for the next remix and now it's finally here :) And of course it's as great as always.

Thanks for this great remix!
 Floaf  2007-11-28 09:57:07  
Thanks for the kind words :-)
 kai_x_pda  2007-12-01 20:27:45  
Yay! Well in the spirit of your previous trance mixes, and at least as great! Instant keeper, --> iPod, continuous play :-) Thanks a ton and please, don't stop!
 Mike  2007-12-03 10:00:17  
Wow! This is the kind of music I love to listen to when being creative!

This and Consummation of Ambience is really something!

Please keep up the good work! Wonderful!
 Tom  2007-12-18 14:22:28  
Hey X-formz

I really really love your music

hope we getting a lots of new stuff
from you in the new year

keep up the great work


   2008-08-13 13:52:32  
What a song ... Great job guys !!!
Sometimes i start my Amiga emu and watch DD...but this song is more then only written....it is feeling..you live it !!!!
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