Giana Sisters (FS I CB Mix)

Giana Sisters (FS I CB Mix)


Hello folks... Another remix from me..
This time it's a TRANCE remix, my first one ever to.
Yes it's Giana Sisters again. I don't care.. I love this track
so I did it when I tried some VSTs in CuBase...

Take care !!
Best Wishes Dimmignatt

Zero Angel

I came to like this theme after hearing the Machinae Supremacy remix of it which completely blew me away never having played Giana Sisters. This is a great trance mix and does the theme justice.




Hey How About an extended Version?


This Soundtrack sounds much better than the word fantastic stands for. Which VSTs did you use? I'm using Cubase VST too. btw this Soundtrack is absolutely perfect as a background music for the game Clonk with the Hazard Addon. Greetz from Deutschland (Germany)


Nice is after begining pasage i like it but after is something that disharming me in listening and i feel so something missing here. But track is very nice.

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