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 Final Fantasy (Chocobo) 
 Songname: Final Fantasy (Chocobo) 
 Original composer: Nobuo Uematsu
 Released: 2003-07-14
 Credits: Dimmignatt, Floaf
 Song length: 1,05 min
 Quality: 192 Kbps
 Filesize: 1530 Kb

I hate this annoying song. This version i a little more easy listening :-)

 Forum posts 
Jim  2015-08-04 22:08:29 
Much love to you my brothers and sitress may your light shine on forever.We are in troubled times for many individual freedoms that the corporate world is trying to extinguish.Its sad that our world must be so dominated by a few who value their coins over their fellow men and women.To those doing time for having the audacity to try to be free and change the status quo. May you your time be swift and your hearts light .You are not forgotten .God bless the Piratebay
ninan  2004-02-26 11:34:51 
min favorit
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