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[Dimmignatt] - n3mo doing his rap thingy.. I don't like rap.. but this was bloody awesome !!
[Misser] - Do record that N3mo, sadly i missed half off it while doing some ordering thingy
[Chappers] - cool rap thingy by n3mo that sounded good, shame it was in danish though ;)
[n3mo] - Well.. I bragged.. I got noticed.. Now, all I need is a decent recording microphone.. Which I still haven't :P You'll know when I got some stuff recorded... ;)
[n3mo] - Small tune.. Lotsa rhyme.. ;)
[n3mo] - Now, I only need a bit of time.. To record that in, and make it spin.. Yeah, that'll be the day, when you hear from me...
[n3mo] - And btw... Thanks for the great applause! I reckon it was a blast anyways.. At least I hope so! :)

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