Comic Bakery (Trance Remix)

Comic Bakery (Trance Remix)


really cool remix !!!
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what a tune.I cant believe it. fantastic.
best ever remix of this classic song. thanks
can u do mor eo fthe old galways .like paralaxx?

Kai (x-Hornet/Padua)

Wow!!! I can listen to that one for hours in a row while working - just awesome!!! Thanks a ton!!!


Wooa! This remix might be the best i ever heard =D
Plz, make more remixes! =D

Crazy Dutch

This music is soooooooooooooooooooo addicting


I guess that's a good thing :-)


i agree with O2, this is probably one of the best remixes ever. it keeps the original spirit of the melody while doing new twists on it without sounding silly.(a trap most of the other remixers falls into)
it builds nicely up and remains high quality trougout.


I love it!


YEs this song kicks so much ass, Really really good.


Really, really good!!!! I didn't remember the original song until I came across this remix.
I don't know how, but it was hidden in the back of my brain for, like, 15 years? And it came to life instantly :)

I'd like to see more remixes with this quality!! (hint: Mission A.D. needs a good trance/dance version ;))

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