(WIP) To Be On Top

(WIP) To Be On Top


To Be On Top remix by us (org by Chris Huelsbeck)

This is just an WIP but it's about 98% done. But please do give us some feedback on it, it would help us out.

That's all for now!


This song rocks extremely hard! The guitar tone and playing is outstanding. The backing synths and drums are well sequenced and mesh nicely with the hard guitar and the mixing is very clean.

I know you'd like suggestions on what to add or improve but that's a tough one. I did notice that during the last brigdge sections there where 2 spots where it felt slightly empty (Well not really, but I'm just throwing ideas out there.)
Maybe you could blend some choir with the synth pads in the part where they take the spot light. I am not sure if a synth/guitar duel there would detract from the breakdown or not but you could consider it I suppose. And then there was that part near the end where the guitar and drums just kind of played by themselves with no accompanying things. Maybe bring in some higher chugging guitars to harmonize for some of that, or stick a shredding synth solo in there :-P.

But those are just suggestions and not nit picks. I think this song is awesome and there is a chance that some of my suggestions could detract from the song. So give them I shot if you'd like, but if not the song would still kick ass either way. Keep rockin' man!


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